If you are constructing a new laboratory space, you’re confronted with a lot of decisions to make about your lab’s design, function, and furniture. In your research, you’ve probably come across information on fireproof lab cabinets. If you’re not sure whether your lab truly needs fireproof cabinetry, or what fireproof cabinetry entails, keep reading for our breakdown of fireproof lab cabinets.

What are fireproof cabinets?

Fireproof cabinets are cabinets made of materials which withstand heat and fire, generally steel or stainless steel. They are used to protect the materials inside from the effects of fire, as well as contain any materials which may cause fires. For some applications, fireproof cabinets are required to meet specific lab safety and building codes.

When are fireproof cabinets needed?

Fireproof cabinets are necessary for storing hazardous materials, corrosives, combustibles, flammables, pesticides, explosives, aerosols or other pressurized containers, and other chemicals or substances which may cause, exacerbate, or become dangerous in a fire. OSHA requires that the quantity of flammable liquid that may be located outside of a storage room/storage cabinet should not exceed 25 gallons of Category 1, 120 gallons of Category 2, and 660 gallons of Category 3 liquids in containers, meaning that if your company uses large quantities of these liquids, safe storage, i.e., fireproof cabinets, is a necessity. See the full OSHA regulation on flammable liquids here.

Fireproof cabinets may also be useful when storing valuable property in your lab, as they can protect the items from fire, should a fire break out in your facility. Proprietary formulas, important documents, extremely valuable tools and equipment, and other important items can be stored in fireproof cabinetry for additional security and peace of mind.

How much do fireproof cabinets cost?

Fireproof cabinets can range in price from $180 to $1600 apiece, on average, depending on the size, construction, and features of the cabinet, such as warning labels or locking capabilities. If you order custom fireproof cabinetry, the cost will also be dependent on your space and design.

How many fireproof cabinets does my lab need?

Every lab is different in terms of its flammable and hazardous material use, and therefore, its fireproof cabinet needs. At minimum, your lab should have enough fireproof cabinets to store all flammable and hazardous liquids and chemicals in excess of the limits mandated by OSHA in Regulation 1910.106(e)(2)(ii)(b) that your laboratory has in stock at any given time. If you’re in need of fireproof cabinetry or any lab safety equipment, the Multi-Lab experts can help. We are happy answer questions and help you determine if your lab requires fireproof cabinets. Give us a call at 616-846-6990 or contact us online.