Steel Lab Furniture

Multi-Lab stainless steel lab cabinetry the perfect high-performance solution for any lab space. Our functional design makes it simple to adapt to new circumstances when your laboratory requirements change. We design these products to be easily modified on-site, without expert help required: drawer and door configurations can be changed with simple hand tools, to best meet the functional requirements of the lab.

Multi-Lab casework is crafted from cold rolled steel of the highest quality, sourced from the United States and finished with corrosion-resistant powder coating.16-gauge interlocked and welded front-frame construction makes these cabinet systems extremely durable and suited to heavy use. Drawers are designed to hold up to 150 pounds, with double pan drawer heads for sound deadening insulation. Cabinets have removable backs and bottoms for easy cleaning and access and high-quality hinges. The single piece toe-kick provides structural strength to the casework, as well as easy access for cleaning, helping prevent chemical attack or other contamination.

Performance characteristics

  •  • Stainless steel construction
       • Corrosion-resistant
       • Easily adjustable drawer and door positions
       • Double pan, noise-reducing doors and drawers
       • 150 lb. drawer glide system
       • Aluminum or flush PVC drawer pulls
       • Adjustable, full-depth shelves
       • Removable backs and bottoms
       • 13-gauge stainless steel five-knuckle institutional hinges
       • One piece, integral toe-kick

If you are interested in learning more about Multi-Lab stainless steel lab furniture, view our product catalog. You can also contact us or give us a call at (616) 552-4299.