Lab Bench Systems

Multi-Lab laboratory bench systems are high-performance modular workstations for laboratory applications. Our modular, free-standing benches include numerous built-in accessories and can accommodate suspended or floor-mounted casework, and any kind of counter surface. All of our bench systems are customized to meet our customers’ specific needs, in a variety of applications: forensic, chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, medical, electronic, and more. Our work benches meet applicable OSHA, FDA, SEFA, ISO, NFPA, and NSF guidelines.

Casework comes in steel, stainless steel, or high-pressure laminate, with the option to suspend or floor mount. Based on your lab’s needs, bench systems can include sinks, faucets, service fixtures (vacuum, gas, electrical, air), flexible storage, data connections, and casters for mobility.

Performance Characteristics

• Superior steel, stainless, and laminate casework
   • Floor-mounted or suspended casework
   • Optional service fixtures
   • Flexible storage options
   • Free-standing, mobile design

Optional add-ons

To fully customize your modular bench system, the following items are supported by Multi-Lab workstations:

   • Shelving
   • Seating
   • Fume hoods
   • Drying cabinets
   • Safety equipment
   • Evidence storage
   • Racks/carts/tables/storage
   • Snorkel hoods
   • Monitor arms/special attachments
   • ESD applications
   • Built-in ventilation systems
   • ADA stations

If you are interested in learning more about Multi-Lab Laboratory bench systems, view our product catalog. You can also contact us or give us a call at (616) 846-6990.