It’s not really big news to say that technology is constantly changing. It seems like each week someone comes out with a new smart watch or app update that every consumer needs. And while these sorts of technology updates get all the press, it’s good to know that technology is continuously improving and expanding even in our industry––the world of lab furniture and casework. Though that might not sound particularly exciting, some of the most recent technology updates to laboratory furniture and casework could do a lot to benefit your company, as well as employee comfort and productivity. So what are some of these lab furniture and casework updates, and why should you get excited about them? Read on to find out:

Curved Design Casework

Manufacturers have developed the technology to create casework and cabinetry that features a curved design. At MultiLab, we’re lucky enough to have a Prima Power panel bender that can do not only radial bends, but also hemming. This affords us the opportunity to truly create top-of-the-line casework that’s custom made to suit every client’s unique needs. Casework with radial bend corners are highly durable and super easy to clean because there’s no real corner for dust, dirt, and bacteria to get stuck. This helps extend the life of our clients’ casework and ensures we have the capability to produce casework that fits every client’s unique laboratory design and configuration.

Adjustable Height Tables

Another interesting improvement in lab furniture is the adjustable height laboratory table. Though manually adjustable height tables have been around for some time, new digitally programmable tables are taking the industry by storm. Allowing for employees to sit or stand at their own convenience, and ensuring that each employee’s preferred table height is remembered, these tables work well to increase productivity as they boost employee comfort. For a look at lab tables that can adjust at just the push of a button, click here.

Modular Lab Furniture

In the past, laboratories have gotten a reputation as stuffy, rigid environments where not much changes. As a leading manufacturer in the industry, we know that simply isn’t true by today’s standards. More and more laboratories are looking for open working environments where creativity and smart, efficient new solutions are encouraged. In the past, this wasn’t an easy environment to curate with bulky, heavy lab furniture that didn’t move and wasn’t flexible. But now, thanks to recent laboratory improvements and forward thinking engineers, modular lab furniture is becoming the most popular option on the market.

Modular lab furniture offers lab managers and employees to configure, and reconfigure, their labs as they see fit, and is necessary for changes to procedure. Modular lab furniture is also conducive to the open area aesthetic that promotes the collaboration and creativity your company is looking for. If you’ve been looking for a way to refresh and open up your lab, then a new, modular design might just be the perfect option for you.

If you’ve been considering upgrading your laboratory furniture, be sure to check out what Multi-Lab has to offer. We’re a laboratory casework and furniture manufacturer providing high-quality custom solutions for our clients. Whether you need a new lab designed, or you’re just looking for a few replacement cabinets, we can create pieces that fit your specs exactly, in a very short amount of time. For more information about the products and services that Multi-Lab provides, give our office a call at 616-846-6990 or contact us online today!